Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sunshine and shadow

In front of Kingsway College on Longford Street is a garden with a low brick wall, a dingy and unexceptional spot were it not for a seated figure half hidden by bushes, facing what may or may not be a public bench. On this particular day I passed and was immediately pleased by the combination of the two seated figures, one made of concrete and the other absorbed in text messaging. Often that sort of thing breaks up before you can get a camera out and the exposure set more or less correctly, but on this occasion the statue wasn't going anywhere and the guy kept on texting. Even so it took a lot of work in Photoshop to get a reasonable balance between the sculpture in deep shadow and the man in full sunshine.

The sculpture is made of ciment-fondu, which I think means working with wet cement rather than casting in a mould. It was made by Jean Bullock, an almost unknown sculptor, and put there in 1976 - the year the Sex Pistols recorded Anarchy in the UK, but culturally far removed from that mode of expression.

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