Friday, 23 November 2012

Wall to wall iTech

This is Apple trying to hang on to the lion's share of the gadget market. They haven't quite taken over the entire Tube network but it rather feels as if they would if they could. Quite pretty in an abstract way, but surely people must realise - that multicolour effect isn't going to work if you just buy one iPod.

The ghost of Euston Tower

A little tower nestling up against the almost-iconic Euston Tower, once known as the home of Capital Radio. The unfinished residential tower is a dull unreflective grey and features an unattractive and rather pointless basket-weave design. When it's finished it might at least be lit up at night, but for now it looks thoroughly sinister. Just one part of the mishmash of overdevelopment currently going up on the Triton Square / Hampstead Road site.