Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas break

London Sidelines is dormant, although it looks like it will stay here on the web for ever, like many blogs that were once a daily obsession. I think that is in the nature of blogging, unless it is hugely successful, to just tail off unintentionally, the entries becoming more and more infrequent until the last entry lingers tantalisingly, without any explanation as to why the author stopped at that point. I had fun with it while it lasted. Currently I've switched to writing Walthamstow Notebook about my home territory in east London, a long-term view of that newly fashionable (or last-ditch affordable) and rapidly changing part of the city.

Image: the Art Deco interior of the EMD Cinema in Hoe Street E17. The foyer opened as a pop-up bar after 12 years disused and boarded up, and looks like staying open for some time.